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Hay table, Cult

Copenhague Chair, Cult

Wooden plates, Catapult 

White mesh vases, Emma Davies

White linen, Ikea 

Wooden cup, Ginkgo Leaf 

Wooden bowls, Ginkgo leaf

Tall wooden cup, Ginkgo Leaf

‘Thrown’ side plates, Brooke Thorn Handmade 

Large round platter, Slab + Slub 

Cutlery, Ikea

Coasters, Catapult

Desiree White Wire Chair, Fred International  

Ceramics from Alana Wilson ; Aedan Harris ; Porcelain crinkle bowl by Tracey Mitchell sourced from China Clay 

Paper bowl, Spence & Lyda

Ceramic Bottles, Graphis Art & Framing 

Fallen Fantasy


This shoot was influenced by the beautiful Danish design shop  Gubi  and their campaigns which often showcase 20th Century design, greatly influenced by the Bauhaus School. I have always been passionate about the works of the directors of that school, Walter Gropius and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and continually find myself gravitating to Modernist Architecture. I find I need to surround myself with the simple but beautifully pared back design that arose from that movement when I source items for my own home.

You can see that Scandinavian design has become a magnet for me so you can imagine how thrilled I was to learn that my sister and her family were moving to Stockholm. I can hardly wait for an opportunity to visit those inspirational design shops and to see the nieces and nephews!!!

This is a surreal story which allowed us to play with light and shapes, but which embraced a still life element as the determinant. The monochromatic synchronicity is a personal favourite.

Visualize the “stillness” when the guests arrive – the perfection that greets them then the descent into chaos as the night progresses and everything is shaken or turned upside down – my own version of an Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatters Tea Party!

Photographer – Felix Forest


White cake stand, The Country Trader

White and yellow vessel, China Clay 

White ribbed bowl, China Clay 

White tall bottle, Planet 

Blue and grey clay bowl, Planet 

Grey clay plate, China Clay 

Tablecloth as background, Cultiver 

Tall green vessel, No.12 Trading 

Set of white tea cups, China Clay 

Dark grey pouring jug, No.12 Trading 

Bowl, DEA Store

Blue and cream bowl small, Planet 

Bowl with imprint, DEA Store

Small bowl, DEA Store

White scallop edged bowl DEA Store

Spotted clay plate, DEA Store

Duck egg blue speckled plate, Sigmar London 

White round plate, China Clay 

Red and Blue bowl and plate, DEA Store

White textured bowl, DEA Store

White light, Studio Enti @Design Hunter 

Cream Napkin, China Clay 

Blue Napkin, Cultiver 

Remaining props sourced from hire companies or are my own.


Painted Palate


I had been thinking about the title of this blog for quite some time when I suddenly realised that the images reminded me of one of the world’s most famous paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, his  “Last Supper”. It was something about the camera angle, the framing and the scale of the table in the foreground of the shot that triggered this discovery. Looking back I find that a lot of my work is influenced by famous paintings, hence “Painted Palate” seemed to be an obvious choice, as it is my still life version of this wonderful work of art that I studied more than once during my art years at school.

I feel very connected to this story.  I tried to capture a moment in time when everything aligns but at the same time it is a work in progress that has the potential to evolve into something even more special as I continue to attempt to balance and perfect the diverse elements influencing the outcome of the shot.

This blog post was a joy to create as I worked with talented photographer and good friend Chris Chen. It showcases a behind-the-scenes snapshot of how a stylist works. Moving and changing objects, constantly standing back and accessing the image through the camera lens. Neutral tones, ceramics, linens, table settings, still life and everyday objects- it is a combination of all my passions.

Enjoy watching my process become a reality through the eye of the lens.

Photographer – Chris Chen


1 Table, ici et la 

1 Tablecloth, Society linen from Ondene

From left to right

1 Runner, Honeybee Homewares

2 Glass Tumblers, Honeybee Homewares 

2 Plates, The Country Trader

1 Small Plate, The Fortynine Studio 

1 Small Tin, 2 white bowls, Astier de Villate from Palm Beach Home 

1 Glass Bowl, The Country Trader 

3 Cutlery sets, The Country Trader 

3 Plates, Astier de Villate from Palm Beach Home

Handful of linen Napkins, Honeybee Homewares and  Ikea 

1 Side Plate, The Fortynine Studio

1 Vase, Ondene

Other items not credited are hired from a prop hire company.


Layered Linens


In my previous life as a fashion stylist I remember my sister asking me how I envisaged the styled outfits and my answer was ‘I just put whatever with whatever and I know if it works’. Of course she laughed at this and I understand now how little help this was to her. I do believe that some people have a natural ability to turn “rags to riches” but there are many elements to consider when building a shot and there is a most wonderful feeling when it all comes together. It’s a bit like magic.

Being a stylist is having an eye to edit well, to recognize that special piece and be able to incorporate that into your story or life. This process is greatly enhanced by working with a team of talented people.

In this shot I’ve combined different artists with the same aesthetic who complement each other and who use similar tones, but who all have a unique aspect to their artworks too which include subtle pattern and textured details.

I’ve tried to create balance in the shot, and a sense of harmony through the placement of the items.  I make sure to consider the horizontals (table, table runner and stacked linens) in relation to the verticals (vase, panelled background etc), so that if I do stack items the sizes marry well together rather than making the grouped item look like one is dominated or oversized by the other.

I can see this set up in Paris in a gorgeous apartment with French shutters in dusty blue.

Main Image – Photographer – Chris Chen


Table, Ici et La 

Chair, Ici et La 

Plate (with nest), Spence & Lyda

Bowl (cherries), Spence & Lyda

Kelly Wearstler vase, Becker & Minty

Ceramic bowl, Spence & Lyda

Black Ceramic Jug, Spence & Lyda

Tea cup, Ginkgo Leaf

Black side plates, Spence & Lyda

Paper bowl, Spence & Lyda

Japanese Bowl, Planet 

Gold Kelly Wearstler vase, Becker & Minty

Ceramic Cup, China Clay 

Cutlery, Mr Kitly 

Pendant light, Mr Kitly

Artwork as small placemat, Slab & Slub

Linen Napkins, Ondene 

Painted calico fabric as tablecloth, Spotlight

Background in Obsidian, Porters Paint 

Vintage Bottle and Artwork hired from Prop Hire Company



This is a special post today in honour of my late grandmother whom I very recently lost. I would like to celebrate her life as she was a major influence throughout my childhood and I can thank her, along with my mother, for nurturing my creativity and helping me feel grounded in a somewhat chaotic world.

The birds nest was found at my Grandmother’s beach shack, down the South Coast, many years ago and I decided to “borrow” it on my most recent Christmas visit as I got excited about it’s wonderful tactile presence as a prop for a future shoot. Following her passing it sparked a vision and became the centrepiece  around which to base the table setting.

This shoot is also a little ‘old fashioned’ in style and tone, … influenced by the imprint of my grandmother in the interiors of ‘the Coast,’  and this feel was created through the use of deep textural greens, blues and rich black and the vintage oil painting is a nod to her era.

I suddenly realised that it resembles the work of the  Australian painter, Margaret Olley, famous for her still life and interior works and funnily enough her face, with so much character, also reminds me a little of my Nan, a parallel I hadn’t planned, prior to the shoot.

This blog post I’ll keep it in the memory bank forever as one of my favourites, thanks to the brilliant photographer Felix Forest  and his natural ability to capture the mood I envisaged. He brought “Nana’s Nest” to life and I thank him for that.

Remember it’s often the little things that make a shoot. A prop, a colour, a memory or the lighting. It’s the inspiration you feel as a stylist from this element that you weave into the narrative.

Farewell to a very special lady, my Nan xxx

Photographer – Felix Forest


Slab + Slub  navy patchwork throw as tablecloth, Small Spaces 

Paintbrush vase, Dedeceplus 

French wine glasses, The Country Trader 

Electric blue linen napkins, The Country Trader

Light blue linen napkins, Linum 

Watercolour wallpaper “Stripe blue Invert”, Emily Ziz



Plates, cutlery and small dishes sourced from prop hire companies, my prop cupboard, overseas travels and my son’s “nature” collection



Do you refill your tank by taking your shoes off and walking on grass or are you more often found recharging your batteries by the water?

As we know, people find energy in life from many different aspects – my husband feels an urgency to be near the water whereas I’m more inclined to be found on a long walk in a park.

“Watercolour” was inspired by my parents’ holiday house, known affectionately as ‘Poles’, situated north of Sydney. I spent some time up there recently on my own, sitting on the verandah where you can look out to the water. We call it ‘Paradise’!

The water looked so beautiful one afternoon I felt an urge to create a painting to try and capture the moment, however this is not where my talents lie! Instead I decided  to turn this inspiration into a shoot combining the two elements – water and painting and “Watercolour” was the result.

Reminiscent of a painter’s studio, a creative place , that is designed to be conducive to fun, to be childlike again and get messy.

I like that everything is a little raw (no ironing necessary!) in this story, imperfections that come from combining nature and art.


Photographer Amanda Prior

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