Entries from June 2016


Blue Velvet


The more I explore Still Life and its composition the more I become fascinated with the elements that make a shot.

Shape, texture, form and the effects of adding images, nature and negative space that provides air for the objects to breath. Also playing with the foreground, middle-ground and background in each shot.

Learning to look and study and appreciate objects from all angles and positions. Always considering textures and how they complement or distract the eye or lead you to the magic of the image. Curves and angles grounding or off-setting,  working with numbers and stacks or heights to create rhythm. There is so much to consider in every shot but so fascinating as I take myself on this journey of discovery and experimentation. Creating a seamless appreciation visually that goes unnoticed is the real skill. Also working with the addition of imagery that adds nostalgia takes you back to a past memory.


Photographer – Chris Chen

Design by Rebecca Buttrose + Development by Brandi Bernoskie