Leather hide as tablecloth, NSW Leather

Beechwood bowl, HAY

Small glass cup with gold detailing, HAY

Steel grey velvet used as backdrop, Westbury Textiles

Medium dish in Ink, Batch Ceramics

Cement vase by Studio Twocan, Jardan

Large dish in Ink, Batch Ceramics

Paper porcelain small dish, HAY

Medium plate with brown detailing, China Clay

White napkin with navy detailing, Space Furniture

Small cup with indent, China Clay

Medium bowl with navy detailing, China Clay

Paper Porcelain cup and mug, Hay

Bottom white plate, Batch Ceramics

Top navy plate, China Clay

Large bowls and beaker in Ink , Batch Ceramics 

Peasant Plate in Satin, Batch Ceramics

White bowl with blue detailing, China Clay

Medium indigo wash plate, China Clay

Remaining items, Stylists own


Leather Luxe


I don’t tend to gravitate to many things that shine. I’m not fond of sparkles and was never a real “girly girl” however sometimes I find myself gravitating towards  luxe velvet as it can add something really special to an image when teamed back with a natural, strong material like leather.

These are the two materials I have focused on today and I love the way Amanda Prior, my photographer, worked with the light, creating shadows from the velvet and giving depth to the images.  Lightness to darkness to create mood.

As the background and the leather surface form a blank slate, I sourced subtle pattern in ceramics to add interest. My new favourite ceramicist from Brunswick Heads, Lucy Vanstone, whom I discovered at  China Clay in Clovelly, has worked so well within a limited palette and knows when to hold back, creating art pieces that are still very usable but also have a unique quality.

The tones of Joy’s work from Batch Ceramics, a local talent, that I respect greatly and the Studio Twocan vase from Jardan enhance all the colours I love. The depth of the olives, the intensity of the moody blues, the bronze cutlery and amber glassware all lead me to a place where I am secreted away and insulated from the cold.

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Photography – Amanda Prior


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